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Yellowstone/Teton Winter Wildlife Safari        Monday, January 7-13 and 22-26    (1 Opening Each)

Winter is an amazing visual experience in both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.  The parks are cloaked in feet of white snow, turning the camouflage of summer sagebrush into a flat field of snow where every animal movement can be seen. The Yellowstone plateau is cold, ringed by mountains that contain cold air driving down temperatures well below zero every night and on some days.  My record is -23 below a few years ago.  Animals struggle to survive and this and predators like wolves leads to carcasses, so this safari is much more of a predator shoot.  Wolves, coyotes, foxes, river otters, and eagles all prey on the wintering elk, bison, and bighorn. We spend 5 days in Yellowstone and 2 days in the Tetons photographing everything we can find.  On the second YNP Winter Safari we spend all 5 days in Yellowstone.

I expect every type of weather during these seven days.  I expect snow storms, wind, clouds, and even blue sky days.  You can never tell from weather reports exactly what we could see, but its that type of weather that creates amazing images and illustrates how these animals fight for survival during the winter.  The bottom line is Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons deliver the greatest winter wildlife photography experiences in North America.


We meet in Gardiner, Montana just outside the northwest entrance to Yellowstone, just north of Mammoth Hot Springs.  There is easy airport access from Bozeman, Mt for those flying in. The least expensive airport and car rentals will be for those flying into Salt Lake City and driving north.  The first 3 photographers from my area of California to sign up can ride with me.

Here is a link to other image galleries and a Yellowstone Winter Video I made:  VIDEO   River Otters   Gray Wolves

Black Wolf and Coyotes

Frosted Bison

Winter Coyote

Winter Coyote

River Otter Siblings

Black Wolf and Coyotes

Bighorn Ram

Winter Bison

Coyote Eating

Wolf wounded antlerless Bull Elk

Coyote at winter twilight

Red Fox gnawing on bone

Winter Red Fox

Red Fox gnawing on bone

Mousing Red Fox

Bull Elk on wintering grounds

Mule Deer doe chased into river

Coyote Pack Interactions

Wolf in Snow Storm

River Otters in Lamar River

Traveling Coyote

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