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Yellowstone/Grand Teton Fall Wildlife Safari        Monday, September 30 - Oct 4   $1500   ($1200)

In Yellowstone we shoot the bugling, rutting bull elk and many other critters like grizzlies, black bears, red foxes and great gray owls - then we spend two days shooting in Grand Teton National Park. Autumn along the Snake River in the Jackson Hole Valley is a time of bright yellow cottonwoods, crisp mornings of cackling Trumpeter Swans, and rutting moose.  Early snow on the Grand Tetons and the musky odor of sagebrush complete the amazing palette of sights and smells. I've photographed the Grand Tetons a hundred times over the past three decades, stalking the moose, and photographing the ospreys and owls that hunt the rivers and flats.  It is a world class photo destination with names that just scream "amazing landscapes" - like Schwabacher's Landing, The Oxbow, Mormon Row, and the Gros Ventre.

I've shot the autumn in Yellowstone for 35 years and each year there is something different, something special, and something unique in the encounters we have.  In 2018 it was grizzlies and great gray owls, in 2017 it was rutting bull elk and red foxes, in 2016 it was Great Gray Owls and rutting bull elk and gray wolf encounters. The same with Grand Teton NP - in 2018 it was black bears and moose, in 2017 it was huge pronghorn and grizzlies, in 2016 it was black bears and moose, etc.


We meet in Gardiner, Montana just north of Mammoth Hot Springs and Yellowstone, on Sunday night, September 29. On Wednesday, October 2 we will travel down to Jackson Hole for the Grand Teton part of the safari, finishing on Friday, October 4.

Bull Moose in sagebrush

Mousing Red Fox

Bull Moose near the Gros Ventre

Sunrise at the Oxbow

Sunrise at Schwabacher's Landing

Harem Bull Elk in the Madison River at Sunrise

Scenting Bull Moose

Bighorn Rams on Mt. Everts

Mule Deer Bucks

Autumn Coyote

Great Gray Owl

Gray Wolf Alpha Female and Puppy

Black Bear eating Rose Hips

An Old Boar Grizzly

Great Gray Owl in Snowstorm

Black Bear at Elk Carcass

1 Year old Grizzly Cub

Black Wolf in Little America

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