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Snowy Plover / Shorebirds Safari             Tuesday, July 23-24    $600  ($480)

Even paying close attention it's hard to spot these tiny endangered plovers, and if they are sitting in beach sticks it's nearly impossible.  This is the time of year when the fledglings are out of the nests (nesting areas usually protected by fences) and wandering on the beach in small groups, or individually. They can still fly some, though they seem to prefer just the quick walking they are known for.

Besides the snowy plovers we will photograph many types of shorebirds, such as Whimbrels, Dowitchers, Black Skimmers, Sanderlings, Elegant Terns, and Willets, among others.


We meet in Ventura, CA at 8am and will spend the night at a hotel in the area.  The weather can change so dress in layers, though we should have cool mornings and warmer afternoons. There will be a sea breeze and marine layer.  Kneeling in moist sand to get down to eye level might require knee pads, or even a small camp chair for comfort.  Extra pants or shorts, extra tennis shoes not to valuable to get into salt water - and a hat.









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