Saturday, Jan 30 to Feb 1   $900

Over the years I've done this wildlife safari we have had some amazing encounters to photograph.  One year it was river otters and mink, another year it was bald eagles and pheasants, at other times ducks, tundra swans, and raptors.  Probably my favorite trip was a couple of years ago when we had dozens of encounters with the male northern harrier - the gray ghost - and got some great images. 

Reservations    I travel up to Klamath on Friday, Jan 29 and stop in Sacramento NWR for a couple of laps around the pond system, then head up to Klamath.  You can meetup with me at my house, or along the route somewhere to ride with me, or meet me in Klamath Falls, Oregon that night.  The hotels, gas, and food are all very reasonably priced.  This is a cold weather safari so come prepared with warm boots, gloves, overcoat, etc.

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