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Rocky Mtn Goats / Rocky Mtn NP Safari             Monday, August 26-29    $1200  ($960)


For this safari we travel to two great locations - Mt. Evans for Rocky Mountain Goats and Pika, and to Rocky Mountain National Park for bighorn sheep, elk, and black bears.  Mt. Evans has the highest paved road leading to its summit in North America, 14,271 feet.  The goats feast on alpine plants and walk unhindered all around us.  There are opportunities to shoot the nanny goats with their kids, as well as single billy goats.  The views are spectacular all around, even distant Denver can be seen from the top.  At this height the wind can be very strong and it can get extremely cold. 

After two days shooting Mt. Evans we travel a short distance to Rocky Mountain National Park and spend two days shooting there.  We stay in Grand Lake just outside the park's south entrance.  The forests are full bull elk and moose preparing for the rut, while the high mountain ridges have bighorn sheep.  Both these locations give us opportunities for grand landscape vistas and alpine lakes.


We meet in Colorado at the chosen hotel, last year (2018) in Georgetown, and photograph the goats on Mt. Evans (14,271 feet) followed by photography in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We stay in Grand Lake for that.

Baby "Kid" Goat

Nanny and Kid Goats

Nanny and Kid Goats

American Pipit

Brown-capped Rosy-Finch

Rock Wren

Pika wrestling food

Bugling Bull Elk

Red Crossbill



Bull Elk

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