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Sandhill Cranes at Dusk

Hunting Northern Harrier

Snow Goose
Migrating Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese by the tens of thousands fly into the bottom lands along the Rio Grande River in central New Mexico to winter.  Bosque del Apache NWR is one of the main migration locations in this area.  Cold temperatures in the morning freeze ponds and frost leaves, but by mid-day the temps are warmer.  Thunderheads and cloud formations in the late afternoon make for colorful and dramatic sunsets as birds fly back to the ponds.

On my 2010 safari we had shot out all our CF cards (40 GB for me at that time) by 11am.  We did a return to the hotel to download and by mid-afternoon were back filling our cards.  The numbers of birds and opportunities were truly amazing. 

Besides the cranes and geese, the refuge is home to hawks, eagles, coyotes, road runners, deer, elk - and numerous other species.  This is an amazing opportunity to photograph these large numbers of birds from sunrise through sunset at amazingly close distances. 


We meet in Socorro, New Mexico on I-25 south of Albuquerque on Saturday Night, January 4th.  Hotel costs are minimal and there are good restaurants in town.  On the third day, if we have worn out the birds, we travel down to White Sands NM to shoot for the third day in the gypsum dunes.

Snow Goose landing in stubble field

Snow Geese on frozen pond at sunrise

Northern Pintail Duck

Coyotes watching Geese

Sandhill Cranes taking off

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