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My Upcoming ZOOM shows Videos of Past ZOOM Shows
Monday, June 21 Necessary Field Equipment
Monday, July 12 Bus of Photography - Part 1
Monday, August 9 Bus of Photography - Part 2
Monday, September 13 Wildlife Photography
Monday, November 8 Landscape Photography


Camera Clubs, Audubon Groups and others I've Presented (in person, or via Zoom)
Boise (ID) Camera Club Billings (MT) Camera Club Ventura (CA) Audubon
Cleveland (OH) Photographic Society Fresno (CA) Camera Club Film Pack (WA) Camera Club
Great Falls (MT) Camera Club Greater Cincinnati (OH) Camera Club Landsdale (PA) Camera Club
New Orleans (LA) Camera Club Nevada County (CA) Camera Club Olympia (WA) Camera Club
Panorama (WA) Camera Club Pilchuck (WA) Camera Club Puget Sound (WA) Camera Club
Trinity (TX) Camera Club St. Vrain (CO) Camera Club Rainier Hills (WA) Camera Club
Upper Marion (PA) Camera Club LA County (CA) Camera Club Santa Clara (CA) Camera Club
Peninsula (CA) Camera Club Morgan Hill (CA) Camera Club Laguna Woods (CA) Camera Club
Mission Viejo (CA) Camera Club Kern (CA) Audubon Sierra Foothills (CA) Audubon
Golden Gate (CA) Audubon Santa Barbara (CA) Audubon Yosemite (CA) Audubon
Yokuts (CA) Sierra Club Thousand Oaks (CA) Camera Club Friday Foto Fanatics (CA) Club
Housatonic (CT) Camera Club Highway 101 (CA) Camera Club Lancaster (CA) Camera Club
Madera (CA) Camera Club S4C (CA) Southern PSA Chapter Redlands (CA) Camera Club
Monterey (CA) Audubon Sequoia (CA) Audubon Santa Clara Valley (CA) Audubon
Mt. Diablo (CA) Audubon Canejo Valley (CA) Audubon Altacal (CA) Audubon Society
Plumas (CA) Audubon Modesto (CA) Audubon Valley (CA) Photo Club
Rancho Cucamonga (CA) Camera Club    


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