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Equipment Links

A good, solid, lightweight tripod for a small to average woman

  Bogen (Monfrotto) Tripod 190XB  $130  B&H Link
Bogen Quick Release Head 496RC2 with RC2 QR Plate  $80  B&H Link

A heavier and taller, and more solid tripod for both men or women

  Bogen (Monfrotto) Tripod 055Xprob  $180  B&H Link
Bogen Quick Release Head 496RC2 with RC2 QR Plate  $80  B&H Link

Carbon Fiber Tripod to reduce overall weight

  Bogen Carbon Fiber Tripod 055CX3 $350  B&H Link

A good all-around flash bracket
A better, adjustable flash bracket (the one I use)

  Stroboframe Flip Bracket  $66  B&H Link
Stroboframe Pro-RL Bracket  $110  B&H Link

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